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If a tree is leaning too far to the left (or any direction) call Green Worx to have it removed properly.

Not only can it be a sore sight but the hazard of it falling can be a serious concern, especially for those with small children. Most trees are fallen after a storm.


Trees that fall or lean over property lines can be a matter that you may be approached about by a neighbor or city representative so it's best to take care of the matter quickly. Give us a call as soon as this occurs or as soon as you notice the problem starting to make sure you nip it in the bud before it becomes a costly problem down the road.

Don't trust Rowlett tree removal and tree pruning to just anyone.

If you need your canopy raised or the trees on your property thinned out to allow sunlight penetration, we'll be glad to talk with you and help your landscape become the best it can be.

Trust professionals, trust GreenWorx


  • Improve Health of Lawn

  • Avoid Trees Crossing Property Lines

  • Remove Eye Sores

  • Improve Health and Look of Tree


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